The JLUS Implementation Committee consists of the following individuals:

  • Bob Ross, Executive Director, Connecticut Office of Military Affairs

  • Captain Paul Whitescarver, SUBASE New London

  • Jim Butler, Executive Director, SCCOG

  • Mayor Patrice Granatosky, Town of Groton

  • Mayor Keith Hedrick, City of Groton

  • Mayor Michael Passero, City of New London

  • First Selectman Dan Steward, Town of Waterford

  • First Selectman Fred Allyn, III, Town of Ledyard

  • Mayor Ron McDaniel, Town of Montville

The JLUS Implementation Project is being undertaken by two consultant teams, working together to accomplish specific objectives.

Part 1: Regional Market Overview, Housing and Transportation

This effort is led by BFJ Planning, in collaboration with Urbanomics for housing analysis, ASG Planning for transit planning, and Tighe & Bond for traffic planning.

Part 2: Local Zoning and Fiscal Impact Analysis

This effort is led by Horsley Witten Group, in collaboration with Camoin Associates for economic analysis and Union Studio Architecture and Community Design for urban design.